Our Upcoming Event – “Derby on Park” Supports 3 Not For Profits, and several local businesses.

  • Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation (Primary benefiting organization)
  • Events For Change (Secondary benefiting organization)
  • University Club of Winter Park ($5 parking is directly donated to the University Club)
  • Please select the private labeled wine flavor you would like as a keepsake from the 2014 “Derby on Park” . To make this very simple for you, we have merged this as part of the check out process. You will be given a wine ticket upon entrance of the event, and can redeem your keepsake at any point during the event using your wine ticket. You have two delicious options to select from; Central Coast Chardonnay, or South African Merlot from Quantum Leap Winery. This is the first year to begin this tradition and provided to you complimentary by Winter Park Annual & Mercedes-Benz of Orlando. Click on the Winter Park Annual logo to proceed with checkout process. Must be 21 or older to redeem.
    Private Wine Label Options:

    Thank you to our wine sponsor Quantum Leap Winery, we are also glad to support and purchase the wine here locally!

    QuantumLeap Quantum Leap Central Coast Merlot

    Visit Quantum Leap Winery for more information about their amazing wines, & most importantly support local business growth!